- A unique protocol to link real-world products and assets to the digital world.

Combining both NFC+Blockchain into a single system balances the weaknesses of either technology on its own.

The Software

Chip SDK

We built our own SDK from scratch in which we are working on the chip using hexadecimal to be able to control the chip, add security, add more features to it in the future, and minimize its size as a standard SDK sold by manufacturers are usually bigger in size.

manufacturer SDK

This SDK links the product to the manufacturer's industrial machine that prints the tags, programs them, and encodes a hash. These tags are printed as stickers to be attached to the final product.

Point of Sale SDK

Our SDK for the POS is used to transfer NFTs from wallet to wallet and transfer ownership of NFTs from the company to the end user.

The Hardware

Adoptable design

As for the integration with the hardware, this depends on the client's need and requirements. As the tags' shapes could differ from product to product in different fields, the industrial machine also changes accordingly.

Knowing the client's industry and products. Stitchain decides which industrial machines to use.

Our Purpose


Countless counterfeit products are available in the market hence, distorting the image and value of authentic pieces. As this is a big setback for high-end luxury brands, it strikes their reputation and brand philosophy.

Authorities and producers have taken on an operation to overcome counterfeit shopping as this leads to skepticism from the consumers' ends.


Fight fraud in all formats: Theft, spam, cyber security, traffic.


Build a strong supply chain from manufacturing to point-of-sale.

Product Life Cycle

Offer consumers transparency and traceability through the entire lifecycle of a product.

Our Promise

Trust & Transparency

Stitchain technology can end trust and transparency issues because in itself it is a ledger document, the heritage of a particular product irrevocably.

Also, through Stitchain dashboard, consumers and companies can check on far more detailed information on a given product than they currently can. This way, brands benefit from the ability to build increased consumers' trust.

Supply chain optimization

Our dashboard captures stakeholder data from financial statements and systems like enterprise resource management software.

Stitchain also leverages auto-identification technologies such as NFC and QR to capture physical interactions with the product that can be represented through its digital twin.

Secure data integration

By providing 360 degree view on all important data collected, Stitchain platform stands as a source of better story telling. Every brand or organisation has a good story to tell. Whether it is a story of innovation, authenticity or tradition.

With our technology ability to back up any claims with evidence and engage customers and consumers long after the point of sales, thus allowing producers and service providers to their stories even better.

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